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About AlakhYogis School in India

The word ‘Alakh’ is thousand years old term, used by ancient sadhu’s and sages to describe that which can’t be written, discussed or expressed. That which is beyond all explanations and understanding as well as which is beyond both gross and subtle yet holding both of them. AlakhYog foundation is a group of individuals with whom existence have shared her inner secrets. Hailed from different background, parts and cultures, they are defying norms and following their own inner voice having privilege of sharing Learning , healing and living is the motto of AlakhYogis life discipline.
It is seen nowadays, Yoga has been understood and restricted to a very small understanding of performing of ‘Asanas’only despite this, Yoga is not about ‘asanas’ only. Working on inner cleansing and opening of pranic channels/patterns is the basic purpose of ‘asanas’ but to our witnessing, almost whole world is just limiting its knowledge to the physical dimension only. We would love to state that Asanas’ are a part and stage of whole Yogic process of life, which also covers other aspects, such as Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayam, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyan, Samadhi.
AlakhYogis School in India organizes Yoga retreats and certified yoga teacher training courses in Goa and Rishikesh. We are a duly registered body under the government norms and our 200 hrs Yoga Teacher Training course is duly accredited with the Yoga Alliance, USA and Yoga Alliance International (YAI). Our effort during the 200 hrs Yoga Teacher Training course in India is to provide a very peaceful and serene yogic environment to our students, so that they can give whole time and attention to their inner self and taste the highest order of understanding called, ‘Samadhi’.
Our teachers are life seekers and have devoted their life towards their inner journey. Whatsoever they practice they believe in that. Their teachings and there practice  are the manifestation of their own inner wisdom and truth and that is why they find themselves easier and student friendly while conveying them the real hidden sense of ancient Indian yogic wisdom and philosophy behind Yoga.
We understand that yoga philosophy and Yogic life style is purely an individual’s need & evolutionary process and it always becomes uniquely meaningful for every individual on passing of every moment. Though we all human beings have common physical structure and languages to understand but every individual is totally unique in him/her self, hence, no universal law of any codified book can be considered as final on them.
Therefore, during 200 hrs Yoga Teacher Training course at AlakhYogis School in India, our teachers have made a very unique approach and art of teaching Yogic lifestyle , which is a blend of ancient taste of wisdom with an easy & friendly language of current time with our Master.
Our past students, who have joined and experienced their 200 hrs of Yoga teacher training with us, have appreciated the fact that we work minutely and individually on our every student. Our relations with our students are life-long.
We love to hear and understand what our students have in their heart and how they want to lead their life afterwards. Our teachers and staff members are friendly and yogis in their normal life, so they understand all your emotions and feelings as a student and are ready to help you in all ways, during your stay with us.their journey together, as friends and now, they want to share what they have been blessed with.

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