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The teachings and methods of Yoga practiced together in a holistic way create the basis of that awakening process to unfold. As every person is individual, so is every spiritual path unique and acquires a well suited Sadhana practice. We want to encourage you to find your personal Yoga practice by introducing a variety of different methods and techniques, including Shatkarma(inner and outer purification), Asana, Pranayama and Meditation for you to explore and share as a teacher. By detoxifying the body and mind, Yoga practice cleanses the Chakras and reopens them for Prana to flow more effectively. In Sadhana we are open to learn through unlearning, to experience the unexperienced .


Some truths cannot be teached intellectually but have to be teached experientially. You can read about the state of total peace and bliss, you can even try to imagine it, but you only fully understand when you experience it. Surrounding has a tremendous influence on the progress of our inner growth towards calmness and freedom. We know the importance of being surrounded by sattvic energies to achieve the best success for our students. That’s why we create and cultivate a high energy environment in our school, which enable you to fully experience the yogic state of being.


We believe in the old Indian wisdom of Athiti Devo Bhava (the guest is god). Divinity can be found in any being when we are open to see. This realisation we want to share with you by welcoming you as our guest and introducing you to your own divine nature over the time of your course. Our teachers are always around to support and help the students in any concern. The trust and friendships formed during our courses between teachers and students, as well as the friendships build between fellow students often develop into life long relationships. Our community is much like a big family and we welcome anyone who is interested in learning about Yoga to become a part of it.


Wandering through the world with their eyes closed - lost - stuck in a dream - not able to open their eyes. This is the human condition. We all feel this deep pull, that sense for longing, the intuitive feeling, there must be more to live! It’s the quiet inner call to embark on an adventurous journey to inner freedom and true happiness. It’s a spiritual call. Our true nature, that blissful state of pure existence is hidden very quietly, right in front of our eyes. We must only learn to open them. Our minds do a good job of keeping us locked in the dream, always focused on the rush going on outside, never aware of the obvious truth lying under layers and layers of thought and conditioning. Nowadays human species may be more disconnected to nature than ever before. 

Our Mission

Humans have a great potential for intuitive knowledge and wisdom sleeping inside their super intelligent bodies.The ancient Yogis have found a way to access this intelligence through the practice of physical and mental diciplines and have developed a whole guideline for seekers to perfect their body-mind-complex and so to awaken that inner source of wisdom and joy. By the study and teaching of Yoga we want to be a part in sharing this knowledge with the world. We see Yoga as a powerful gift for every human being to experience. The ancient yogic wisdom applies to modern day humans the same way it applied to people in ancient times. We still face the same challenges when walking on the spiritual path. By sharing this knowledge we want to inspire people to reconnect with nature and it’s intuitive flow of existence. With the help of Yoga we can discover the immense beauty sleeping in our inner most core.


The yogic system is a holistic instruction for profound transformation. The practices and knowledge help us purifying the body and mind, strengthening our sense of intuition and thereby brings us closer to the truth of inner peace and blissfulness. By cleansing the energy channels and increasing the flow of Prana(life energy) yoga brings a new feeling of aliveness. The lived experience of yoga is what will help you

‘Divinity is in every moment, only finder is needed’

Our Programs

Upcoming Dates for Yoga Teacher Training Courses in India

Yoga Teacher Training Courses In Rishikesh

Month Period Course Fees
June 2021 3rd June – 28th June Starts From 850 EUR
July 2021 3rd July – 28th July Starts From 850 EUR
August 2021 3rd August- 28th August Starts From 850 EUR
September 2021 3rd September- 28th September Starts From 850 EUR
October 2021 3rd October – 28th October Starts From 850 EUR
November 2021 3rd November- 28th November Starts From 850 EUR
December 2021 1st December- 21st December Starts From 850 EUR
January 2022 8th January- 28th January Starts From 850 EUR
February 2022 3rd February- 28th February Starts From 850 EUR
March 2022 3rd March- 28th March Starts From 850 EUR
April 2022 3rd April – 28th April Starts From 850 EUR
May 2022 3rd May- 28th May Starts From 850 EUR

  • Package 

  • Bunk Beds (4-Sharing) - 850 EUR 


  • Twin Sharing - 1000 EUR 


  • Private Room with Non-Attached Toilet - 1100 EUR 


  • Private Room with Attached Toilet - 1250 EUR 


  • Private AC Room - 1350 EUR 



?1 : The course fee does not include the cost for registration with Yoga Alliance for RYT 200 and airport transfers
?2 : The booking fees and course fees is strictly non-refundable
?3 : Dorm Sharing is only available if four students in a group agree to share the room.
?4 : If you wish to Pay your course fees via Paypal or Credit Card, then there will be an additional 5% charge.


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Testimonials What people say about us!

  • Monika Polland

    One of the most positive person I've met in my life...Yogi Chandrakant is the super funny and enlightened Divine who makes people smile and relaxed.

    Ching Ching Ng

    His hair is really pretty, and the personality is very happy.
    Learn many think about how to know yourself here

  • Alpeggiani Marco

    Love and Smiles are the core of Yoga and the bases for Mediation Super Blessed Yogi..

    Sandy Nasrallah

    Great and beautiful Knowledge
    About yoga and Ayurveda the Indian herbs and style of Yoga 

  • Michel Kehdy

    Hari Om Yogi...
    Please we need more information about Ayurveda treatments that you are sharing with us but you are not writing here.... Thank you for this precious knowledge 


    Shri Yogi Chandrakant, is one of the senior Yoga mentors at AlakhYog. He was born in a Brahmin family in an ancient village named Haripurkalan situated at the confluence of the seven Ganges. Dr. Chandrakant is a born yogi; his upbringing is very spiritual itself as he was raised near Saptrishi Ashram where Rishis (hindu monks) have been doing sadhna (meditation) since vedic times.

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